April 24, 2010 to February 13, 2010

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BatgirlSteampunk LadyImagination ManifestoBoo HooIn FlightA Room With a ViewJewel of a ViewAll togetherWatching the waterTaking a sipThe Beauty and The BokehEye see youDark ForestUnderwear around the bendAnd they're offWow, that's some big underwearStriking an Underwear PoseTop Gun lands in CalgaryBlack and white butterflyButterfly and a miteChess weather...No feed for youJast another butterflyButterfly vanityFlagging for the athletesStanding straightA nice smileTamara OudenaardenMellisa HollingsworthComing to the stageHelen UppertonOh CanadaSinging a songFlying FriendsButterfly at restCarrying the Cross in CalgaryBurning in MemoryUndie CamJammies on the AveThe Underwear Affair is comingA bit of color in a dry patchMy head exploded at the parkCapital Hill Park at NightRiding Old SchoolFish Creek Park BridgeSort of disguisedCalgary Police Watching and waitingPretending to have a clueNo, you won't bust my cameraA view against racismHey, can you take are picture?That big mouth has a bird brainThat reminds me...Night LinesThinkin' at the ZooSketch of a SketchAn interesting buildingMirror, mirror, on the wallFourth Street UnderpassCTV coverage of Olympic PartyThe Dudes at Olympic PlazaLindsay Ell snaps away the coldLindsay Ell on guitar at the PlazaLindsay Ell sings at Olympic Plaza

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