May 30, 2010 to April 24, 2010

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Miss Teen Calgary at LilacOld School SoldierMiss Calgary 2010Miss Teen Calgary ready for paradeThe SheriffCactus v4 Wireless Flash TriggerBird on an angleFlower TracksRed-winged BlackbirdAnd now for something differentSpring Busking on the AveAnd one more by the ChurchAshly by the ChurchBehind the tree in blackBehind the tree in greenBehind the tree in blueAshly by a Bridge #1Ashly behind a logTaking a look backThat top goes with your hairGolden SmileSplish Splash with a FlashWatching waterWalking by the waterAshly at Fish Creek 9664Ashly at Fish Creek 9660Flowers for a motherRunning for a causeThe Singing PythonsPython Cheer SingersWet LandingNot so graceful approachBand who's name I forgot, again...A Small Python PyramidSatorie Life plays for Kids Help PhoneCatch the PinDon't worry about the oil spillOlympic Plaza Pink GopherNot my kind of glassDrawing namesAnd the winner isSomeone's prizeMarijuana FairyContemplating ProtestHappy 4:20Stop right thereMarching the giant jointExcited for marijuanaMarching across the streetMaking Peace with MarijuanaProhibition Finances TerrorismWhat weed is forRallying for pot at City HallFlying the flag for mairjuanaOfficer PentaxMega JointPower CoupleSuper PoseHeroic TrioFalun Gong RemembersPredator with a bit of AlienWell armedNurse and magicianFighting duo

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