July 5, 2007 to July 1, 2007

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Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 16Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 15Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 14Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 13Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 12Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 11Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 10Lynley Hall 4Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 09Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 08Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 07Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 06Canadian Army Reserve 2Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 03Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 02Stampede Preview 2007-07-05 01Los Morenos 3White stilts 1White stilts 2Red stilts 1Cara Luft 1 (cropped)Cara Luft 1White stilts 3The Mocking Shadows 3The Mocking Shadows 2The Mocking Shadows 1Souls in Rhythm 09Religious Presentation 05Religious Presentation 04Religious Presentation 03Religious Presentation 01Fiestaval Preview 30Fiestaval Preview 27Fiestaval Preview 21Fiestaval Preview 20Fiestaval Preview 19Fiestaval Preview 18Fiestaval Preview 17Fiestaval Preview 16Fiestaval Preview 11Souls in Rhythm 08Souls in Rhythm 07Souls in Rhythm 06Souls in Rhythm 04Souls in Rhythm 03Souls in Rhythm 02Souls in Rhythm 01CityTV Hosts 5CityTV Hosts 2Lynn Olagundoye 1Girl in crowd does funk danceBare Foot Funk DanceDanielle French 02Co-oparooFiestaval Preview 10Capoeira 01Gustavo the Impossibilist with AssistantDavey Lee Goode Band 13Davey Lee Goode Band 12Davey Lee Goode Band 08Davey Lee Goode Band 05Korean Martial Arts 09Korean Martial Arts 06Heather Blush 06

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