July 12, 2007 to July 6, 2007

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Classic Cars 2007-07-12 06Classic Cars 2007-07-12 05Classic Cars 2007-07-12 04Thunderbird at Eau ClaireClassic Cars 2007-07-12 02Classic Cars 2007-07-12 01Cowgirl Belly Dancers 09Cowgirl Belly Dancers 07Cowgirl Belly Dancers 04Cowgirl Belly Dancers 01Stampede 2007-07-08 6Stampede 2007-07-08 5Stampede 2007-07-08 4Stampede 2007-07-08 4Stampede 2007-07-08 3Stampede 2007-07-08 2Stage CoachFlag Dance 4Flag Dance 2Doodlebops 3Doodlebops 1Lynley Hall reads story book 3Lynley Hall reads story book 1Stampede Showband  2007-07-08 03Military at Stampede 2Pink Fire Truck 2KayaksGirl Clown 2Stampede Royalty 2007 poseStampede Royalty 2Stampede Royalty 1Fluor Breakfast 2Fluor Breakfast 1Cowgirl ClownStampede 2007 Parade 77Stampede 2007 Parade 76Stampede 2007 Parade 75Harry Potter at the StampedeStampede 2007 Parade 72Stampede 2007 Parade 71Stampede 2007 Parade 70Stampede 2007 Parade 69Stampede 2007 Parade 68Canadian Cross Country Ski Team 1Canadian Cross Country Ski Team 2Canadian Cross Country Ski Team 3Canadian Cross Country Ski Team 4Canadian Cross Country Ski Team 5Stampede 2007 Parade 62Stampede 2007 Parade 61Stampede 2007 Parade 60Stampede 2007 Parade 59Stampede 2007 Parade 58Stampede 2007 Parade 57Stampede 2007 Parade 56Penticton PrincessPenticton Float 1Penticton Float 2Stampede 2007 Parade 52Stampede 2007 Parade 51Stampede 2007 Parade 50Stampede 2007 Parade 49Stampede 2007 Parade 48Stampede 2007 Parade 47

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