August 18, 2007 to August 6, 2007

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Chinatown 2007-08-18 037Chinatown 2007-08-18 036Chinatown 2007-08-18 035Chinatown 2007-08-18 033Chinatown 2007-08-18 031Chinatown 2007-08-18 030Chinatown 2007-08-18 029Chinatown 2007-08-18 022Chinatown 2007-08-18 014Chinatown 2007-08-18 004Chinese Opera 2Chinese Opera 1Co-Host Judy Gabriel 4Crowd dance 2Shakespeare in the ParkAfrican Guitar Summit 3African Guitar Summit 2Co-Hosts of Afrikadeyes 08Afrikadeyes girl dances 4Amazone 4Amazone 3Amazone 2Amazone 1Darfur 3Darfur 1Wes Li Band 11Wes Li Band 10Wes Li Band 6Afrikadeyes Capoeira 09Wes Li Band 3Wes Li Band 1Co-Host of Afrikadeyes 02Judy Gabriel co-hostsCo-Host of Afrikadeyes 01Efe Kakpovbia 3Efe Kakpovbia 1David Swann dances 3Afrikadeyes Hip Hop 15Souljazz Orchestra 10Afrikadeyes Hip Hop 12Afrikadeyes Hip Hop 06Souljazz Orchestra 5Co-Hosts of Afrikadeyes 07Souljazz Orchestra 4Souljazz Orchestra 1Co-Hosts of Afrikadeyes 04Pony Tail 3Tea Candle Dance 22Tea Candle Dance 19Tea Candle Dance 15Tea Candle Dance 10Tea Candle Dance 04Tea Candle Dance 01Heritage Day 2007 031Hip Hop dancers on Heritage Day 2007 024African Drums 4African Drums 3African Drums 2African Drums 1Winter Coats at Heritage Day 2007 011Heritage Day 2007 010Heritage Day 2007 009Heritage Day 2007 008Hawaii Girls 6

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