August 19, 2007 to August 18, 2007

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Stop SPP Stop Emprie 3Grant Neufeld outside US consulate 1Anti-SPP crowd outside US consulatePostals against SPPJoanne Costello 2The rest follow to the consulateWhere will we put the worldLook at my platesAmerican Dropped Uranium 1Plates and smilesAnti-SPP globe 1Katie Schneider on cellGrant Neufeld whistles against SPPGrant Neufeld against SPP 3Mel Teghtmeyer 08Stop Bush TerrorStop SPP Stop Empire 2Stop SPP Stop EmpireMel Teghtmeyer 07Mel Teghtmeyer 04Grant Neufeld against SPP 5Grant Neufeld against SPP 2Canada's Future FlagSusan Stratton against SPP 2Susan Stratton against SPPReject the Canadian American Alliance 2Postals against SPP 3Postals against SPP 2Stop the SPP 2CDLC against SPPBeware of the USAStop the SPPScrewing People and PlanetReject the Canadian American AllianceChinatown 2007-08-18 156Chinatown 2007-08-18 132Chinatown 2007-08-18 120Chinatown 2007-08-18 108Chinatown 2007-08-18 094Flamenco in Chinatown 6Flamenco in Chinatown 5Flamenco in Chinatown 4Flamenco in Chinatown 3Flamenco in Chinatown 2Flamenco in Chinatown 1Wayne Cao EatingChinatown 2007-08-18 078Chinatown 2007-08-18 077Chinatown 2007-08-18 076Chinatown 2007-08-18 075Chinatown 2007-08-18 070Chinatown 2007-08-18 069Chinatown 2007-08-18 063Chinatown 2007-08-18 062Chinatown 2007-08-18 060Chinatown 2007-08-18 057Chinatown 2007-08-18 056Chinatown 2007-08-18 055Chinatown 2007-08-18 054Chinatown 2007-08-18 051Chinatown 2007-08-18 050Chinatown 2007-08-18 049Chinatown 2007-08-18 045Chinatown 2007-08-18 040

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