October 6, 2007 to September 22, 2007

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March for Burma in Calgary 014Gather at City Hall for Burma 01Dominic Venturo being interviewed 2CIFF PhotographerDominic Venturo being interviewed 1Calgary Film 2007-09-29 58Carolyn Luhning in the middleAlex Macwilliam 1Calgary Film 2007-09-29 57Calgary Film 2007-09-29 56Calgary Film 2007-09-29 55Calgary Film 2007-09-29 54Calgary Film 2007-09-29 53Calgary Film 2007-09-29 52Calgary Film 2007-09-29 48Leah Sarich showing at film festivalLeah Sarich at film festival 3Leah Sarich at film festival 2Calgary Film 2007-09-29 40Calgary Film 2007-09-29 39Calgary Film 2007-09-29 37Calgary Film 2007-09-29 28Calgary Film 2007-09-29 20Calgary Film 2007-09-29 19Calgary Film 2007-09-29 15Calgary Film 2007-09-29 10Calgary Film 2007-09-29 09Calgary Film 2007-09-29 05Calgary Film 2007-09-29 04Carolyn Luhning on the leftCalgary Film 2007-09-29 01Burma 2007-09-29 17Burma 2007-09-29 16Burma 2007-09-29 15Burma 2007-09-29 14Burma 2007-09-29 13Burma 2007-09-29 12Burma 2007-09-29 11Burma 2007-09-29 10Burma 2007-09-29 09Burma 2007-09-29 08Burma 2007-09-29 06Burma 2007-09-29 04Burma 2007-09-29 02Burma 2007-09-29 01Jessie Robertson 2Jessie Robertson 3Tristin Chanel plays the DidgeridooJessie Robertson 4Five Star Affair 2Tristin Chanel 1Jessie Robertson 1Five Star Affair 3Jill Belland 2Calgary International Film Festival phone callWalk All Over Me Cast and CrewTricia Helfer 3Tricia Helfer 4Tricia Helfer steps outRobert Cuffley, daughter Freja, and wifeCalgary Zoo Red Panda 12Confederation Park 09Confederation Park 08Confederation Park 06

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