October 27, 2007 to October 20, 2007

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CDLC and Harper War MongerCollette Lemieux 06Fund Healthcare not warSolidarity back at Harry HaysUFCW Supports this disputeReporter on march backNo Security CertificatesPeace march back on 1 Street SE 1Support the Troops by the LRT platformReporter Interview 3Reporter Interview 2Reporter Interview 1Who Killed More IraqisCanada Out of Afghanistan 2Canadian Peace Alliance 3End Canada's Occupation of AfghanistanCop on a bikeCDLC in SolidarityPeace Rally 2007-10-27 03Canadian Peace Alliance 2Solidarity and Hoaxter signsMargaret Peggy Askin on megaphone 1Canada out of Afghanistan and Haiti NowNo To War and OccupationBring the Troops Home NowSupport the Troops and Bring Them Home 2Peace Rally 2007-10-27 02Three journalistsPeace Rally 2007-10-27 01Margaret Peggy Askin and Collette Lemieux 2Margaret Peggy Askin and Collette Lemieux 1Collette Lemieux 02Support the Troops and Bring Them HomeSolidarity - Haiti Yes - Occupation NoHarper War MongerTwo journalists at rallyCanadian Peace Alliance 1Canada Needs an Anti-War GovernmentIran Out of IraqCalgary Zombies 2007-10-20 211Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 188Nurse ZombiesZombie Nurse with friendCalgary Zombies 2007-10-20 179Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 176Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 172Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 169Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 164Red Eyed Zombie GirlCalgary Zombies 2007-10-20 162Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 161Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 160Calgary Zombies 2007-10-20 157Zombies feast on girl's intestinesCalgary Zombies 2007-10-20 127Zombie MaidCalgary Zombies 2007-10-20 095After a rough day at the officeCalgary Zombies 2007-10-20 093Zombie on a leashCalgary Zombies 2007-10-20 088Zombie PhotographerFashionable ZombiesCalgary Zombies 2007-10-20 077

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