February 20, 2008 to February 14, 2008

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David Swann at Taft speech 2008-02-20 16Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 14Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 13Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 11Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 09Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 07Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 05Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 04Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 02Save our SovereigntyKeep Canada Strong and FreeMegaphone against the SPPAnti-SPP Rally 2008-02-16 14More pace, less SPPShotty dealAnti-SPP Rally 2008-02-16 09Anti-SPP Rally 2008-02-16 08Reject the Canadian American AllianceNo security certificatesAnti-SPP Rally 2008-02-16 05Anti-SPP Rally 2008-02-16 03Anti-SPP Rally 2008-02-16 02Anti-SPP Rally 2008-02-16 01Broken Doll Clothing 04Broken Doll Clothing 14Broken Doll Clothing 15Plus 15 fashion 75Plus 15 fashion 74Plus 15 fashion 73Plus 15 fashion 72Plus 15 fashion 71Alexandra Cousins strikes a posePlus 15 fashion 66Plus 15 fashion 62Plus 15 fashion 61aPlus 15 fashion 60aBroken Doll Clothing 05Broken Doll Clothing 02Broken Doll Clothing 03Broken Doll Clothing 01Plus 15 fashion 53Plus 15 fashion 52Plus 15 fashion 49Plus 15 fashion 48Plus 15 fashion 47Plus 15 fashion 46Plus 15 fashion 45Plus 15 fashion 42Plus 15 fashion 41Plus 15 fashion 40Plus 15 fashion 39Plus 15 fashion 38Plus 15 fashion 36Broken Doll Clothing 10Broken Doll Clothing 08Broken Doll Clothing 07Broken Doll Clothing 11Broken Doll Clothing 13Broken Doll Clothing 06Broken Doll Clothing 12Broken Doll Clothing 09Brian Mason  56Brian Mason speech 6Brian Mason  53

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