March 15, 2008 to February 20, 2008

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Stop WarTomkins 2008-03-15 42Photographer at Tomkins 2008-03-15 39A couple photographers at TomkinsGreenpeace speaker at TomkinsTomkins 2008-03-15 32Margaret Peggy Askin at TomkinsCrowd listens to speaches at Tomkins parkTomkins 2008-03-15 25Collette Lemieux interviewed at TomkinsTaking pics of colourful masksRaging Grannies at Tomkins 2008-03-15 22Tomkins 2008-03-15 19Tomkins 2008-03-15 18Seal hunt demonstrators on 17thCollette Lemieux chats with policeKneeling for a photo at anti-war rallyHarper Have a Heart, Save the SealsSeal puppet at Tomkins 2Seal puppet at Tomkins 1Seal protest at Tomkins 2008-03-15 09Shame for sealsHave a hug for harp sealsAnti-seal placards on 17th AvenueStop seal hunt / Stop the seal slaughterSupport Bill C-373275,000 this yearInglewood Gun 1Kosovo Rally 11Kosovo Rally 10Kosovo Rally 09Speaking at Kosovo RallyHanding out literature at Kosovo RallyKosovo Rally 06Kosovo Rally 05Kosovo Rally 04Kosovo Rally 03Coat of arms of SerbiaKosovo Rally 01Cans 2008-02-25 14Cans 2008-02-25 13Cans 2008-02-25 12Cans 2008-02-25 11Cans 2008-02-25 10Cans 2008-02-25 09Cans 2008-02-25 07Cans 2008-02-25 06Cans 2008-02-25 05Cans 2008-02-25 04Cans 2008-02-25 03Cans 2008-02-25 01Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 40Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 36Kevin Taft and Rick BellTaft at Holy 2008-02-20 30Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 29Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 28Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 27Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 25Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 24Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 22Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 21Taft at Holy 2008-02-20 19Avalon Roberts, Liberal candidate for Calgary-Glenmore

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