August 4, 2008 to June 21, 2008

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Heritage 2008 52aHeritage 2008 43Umbrella Dance 1Umbrella Dance 2Heritage Belly Dance 1Heritage Belly Dance 2Heritage 2008 11Heritage 2008 10The Fates 3Kimberly MooreDouble Royal TrioMiss Sun and Salsa 2008 Royal TrioCasar Jacobson:  Rising BeautyNicole Tomas smilesKensington 2008-07-20 142Kensington 2008-07-20 134Kensington 2008-07-20 133Kensington 2008-07-20 122Kensington 2008-07-20 110Kensington Belly Dance 1Danielle KakoschkeBig Mosque on the PrairiesBaitunnur mosqueCalgary singer 2Native rider 2Regal waveGladsaxe-PigegardeLisa Harrigan and Jessica TsangSunny and Salsy wavesSalsa danceRegemental poseColombia colors on dressColombia red dressColombia dress flairAlesia FieldbergBrazilian fruity headgearBrazilian feathersBrazilian colorsAn equine waveCalgary Police Service at paradeHighland drummerHighland dance with band 2Highland dance with bandFanfarenzug-Strausberg marching bandFanfarenzug-Strausberg leadFemale RCMP member rides horseCalgary Police bikes in a rowGirl gives handouts at Stampede ParadeEvil swarm in Christian playStriking a dramatic poseMocking the saviourStanding over fallen manGiving the thumbs upTempting man with with moneyStreet Theatre SceneFalun Gong Serenity 1make a wishZoe Theodorou 1Falong Gong on the grassSitting on a benchFlag girlTeam Texas at Bullrun 2008Drivers by car at BullrunRiders pose with car at Bullrun 2008

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