April 21, 2009 to January 10, 2009

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Birds not of a feather still flock togetherBirds by the benchViolin busker plays for passersbyBusking by the lamp postPETA lie down for seals in CalgaryPETA seal protest in CalgaryPlaying dead seal for PETA in CalgaryPETA protest on Stephen AvenuePETA calls for stop to seal huntFamily feeding birdsChildren feed birdsDowntown in the distanceToronto CrescentAnother shot of downtown from a hillCamouflage cowA rising STARSave the CBC Rally in CalgaryCanada loves the CBCWaving for the CBC in CalgarySpeaking for the CBC in CalgaryHonk if you love the CBCCouncil of Canadians for the CBCOld School BuildingRed RiderHigh in the skyA really tall craneIt's a war, not a missionSpeaking for the pillow fightersKatie Schneider interviews bylaw officersPillow hatLining the street against warImpatient to end the warSpeaking for pillows or peaceCalgary Pillow Fight ReinforcementsCalgary Pillow Fight 2009 is onCalgary Pillow Fight interviewLet the feathers flyThe Glass CeilingThe ThinkerWaving flags of hateEyes of intoleranceAdolf and Eva wannabesMasks of intoleranceCo-ed hateFire in the holeSundialYoung girl throws show at Bush imageShoe TossOfficer waves fingerCalgary Police Service stands watchRaging Grannies against BushKatie Schneider interviews Bush protesterMen in BlackCalgary Police Service CamcorderKatie Schneider covering Bush protestMarch with drumSit for a photoAbu Ghraib prisoner doesn't like BushCalling for indictmentApparently there are lies on TVDrummers at protestDemonstrators support Cuban FiveCanadian UnitariansHolding up signs for Gaza

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