June 14, 2009 to May 31, 2009

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Hughes sounds Eau so goodAlex Hughes singing at Eau ClaireHug[h]e[s] country talentWorking out with Tara RobinsonUniform workout with Tara RobinsonGetting the city in shapeBronconnier gets a little excitedDressed to ride the VespaRed VespasCarifest guitar 2009Carifest band 2009Signs of peace in CalgaryLouise McKinney behind PeaceRootsPeace is not just for hippiesEmily Murphy with Women in BlackSinging in the streetGoing for a walkSo, who wants to dance?Sir, you need to dance with meFeeling the sound of the violinKaren plays the violinWindswept beautyWhat a wastePicking up some musicGuitar duo busk on benchHappy to be playingStop Abusing Our ChildrenThe Fifth Estate Has CredibilityStop AARC AbusesUndercover(?) Cop Harasses Photographer in CalgaryFreedom of Speech needed in ChinaA wreath laid for those killedRedress Tiananmen Square MassacreTibetans in solidarity with Chinese democracyBankers Hall RockabillyRockabilly pass byStrings an whistlesMore music on the AveMagnificent Mezzo SopranoRonnie Hayward does RockabillyLunch Break by the BayElectric Garage Girl in CalgaryCheckered Flag GirlModel PromotionSepia carGarden Day 012Miss Kimmi plays the dubble bassPlaying the violin at LilacHalf of a violin duoViolin duo takes a breakGirls busk with violins at LilacLilac Violin buskerGirl plays violin at LilacGolden Girl MeditatesGolden Girl Poses at Lilac FestivalBeauty in BlueYellow dancerBrazilian blueRed Ready to danceBlue beauty gets ready to danceThe feather dancePretty in YellowGirls get ready to go on stageBeauty in a headdress

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